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Oriental Residence, Bangkok

Noises, crowds, non-stop activity… Staying in Bangkok can be overwhelming. In the Thai capital chaos, the Oriental Residence Bangkok felt like an oasis of serenity and sophistication. Providing world-class service, located around embassies and top shopping malls, it is a must for business traveler and family holidays.


The Oriental Residence keeps home characteristics in every accommodation. The Grand Deluxe room is elegant and highly functional, in white and grey tones with generous sized bed. Being on Wireless Road, the view over surrounding buildings is, of course, majestic.

Although not the biggest, bedroom and dining area are well separated. The fully equipped kitchen is a meaningful addition to the Grand Deluxe room and a big pro for homesick long-time travellers or families looking for a night-in. Wider than expected, the walk-in closet and bathroom are spotless even though a bit impersonal.

The calming atmosphere, versatility of these rooms in addition of a 24h high standard service are a genuine luxury.

The Oriental Residence Bangkok


There is quite a few dining options for customers : Cafe Claire a gourmet and casual restaurant, The Play Deck a poolside bar with elaborate snacks, Savelberg Thailand a contemporary one-starred restaurant and the Oriental Bar perfect for a few drinks pre or post feast.

The Oriental Residence Bangkok


The Oriental Residence is located near embassies and government offices. Nothing like cramped alleyways of Sukhumvit, Wireless Road is wide and very clean. You can go shopping within walking distance to Central Embassy or Central Chidlom shopping malls. Lumpini Park, situated less than one kilometer away is a nice outing option.


The Oriental Residence cater perfectly for long and short term residents : bars, good quality WiFi, fitness center, parking, pool and so on. They even have rooms available for special functions and can double up as wedding or business venue.

The Oriental Residence Bangkok


  • Highly functional kitchen – such a nice touch for intimate nights-in.


  • Decor is intemporel but can feel a bit cold and impersonal.


  • Business traveler
  • Families
  • Longer stay.


  1. I agree, I was expecting a little more vibrant color to accent the more blander tones. I can see the blander tones were probably chosen to keep a more tranquil feel to it? Other than that, looks like a great place to stay.

  2. I’ve never been to Bangkok but I sure know where to stay when I’m there. The place is so beautiful. I really don’t have any issues with the decor, I love how it looks.

  3. Beautiful room! I wouldn’t mind staying here on vacation. I like the peaceful feeling that the neutral tones bring to the room.

  4. KAte KAte

    In my opinion it looks beautiful, more colors would change the royal atmosphere. Looks fab!


  5. I love thay they have a fully equipped kitchen, making it perfect for a family vacation. The rooms feels cozy and warm because of the interiors, and the accommodations are inviting too.

  6. We loved Oriental Residence. We were lucky to have stayed there when we were in Bangkok 3 weeks ago. It is such a beautiful place. Will definitely stay there again once we’re in Bangkok.

  7. Sounds like a good property for a family vacation. The fully equipped Kitchen and the surroundings sounds great to me. Shall keep it in mind while we plan to travel Bangkok later this year.

  8. Simerbir Singh Simerbir Singh

    I’m planning to go to Bangkok in few months and your this post is really useful for me. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I find the colors to be tranquil and spa like. It looks quite luxurious and relaxing. If I’m ever in Bangkok I’ll be sure to stay here at the Oriental Residence!

  10. What stunning photos, I would love to stay here. I especially like any hotel that serves waffles for breakfast 😉

  11. After having kids vacations aren’t really vacations. I would love a couple of days alone in this wonderful house to relax. I can dream, can’t I?

  12. Oh I love it! I think the colours are gorgeous and so relaxing, it made me feel relaxed just looking at the photos! I would love to see Bangkok!

  13. Oriental Residence looks amazing, such a darling hotel. Would love to have a few nights of bliss here in this hotel.

  14. Oh my…What a luxurious hotel with modern vibes. Love it! Even the soft colors, they are pleasing to the eyes. Would love to stay here.

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