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Templation, Siem Reap

Like nowhere else in Cambodia, Templation Hotel stands out brilliantly through minimalist yet inviting designs, sustainable low energy solutions and the warmth of the personnel. Step into a world of serenity at the gate of Angkor.

Templation Hotel Siem Reap


Often in Cambodia pictures exceed reality. This was not the case at Templation. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The Private Pool Suite was beyond expectations. Two structures, a living and a bedroom reunited around a tiled pool with a private garden and a day bed. Concrete architecture and muted hues of orange, red and yellow created a laid-back and cosy feel.

Ideal set-up for a romantic get-away, the king-size canopy bed led to an oversized outdoor bathroom. Completing your daily routines surrounded by nature’s smells and sounds is surprisingly relaxing.

The personnel was very attentive to our comfort and make sure to lighten natural mosquito repellent every night, ensuring us a flawless evening both out and indoor.

Templation Hotel Siem Reap


We retained from enjoying breakfast in the open-air restaurant to have it served in our private pool. Yes, in. The floating breakfast is an unusual and picturesque way to start the day. Products are fresh, locally sourced and beautifully arranged. Matchless.


Templation is located in Siem Reap, the second largest city of Cambodia. Lively and developed it’s a pleasure to wander around night markets and alleyways. Templation is strategically close to Angkor, ancient capital city of the Khmer Empire and the famous archeological site housing around a hundred temples and ruins.

The hotel has taxi tours and tuk-tuk services on request but we highly advise to rent a bicycle in town for 2$ a day and explore the site (classified in the UNESCO World Heritage List) at your own pace.
Templation Hotel Siem Reap


The small resort (around 33 accommodations) has a lot to offer : a library and office, a Spa, a fitness centre, a small local shop. Make sure to reserve a few days to unwind and take-in Templation’s amazing environment.


Every dishes on the menu deserve a try but if you had to pick one, choose the Veggie Lasagna. Hearty and incredibly tasty it’s a nice pause from Cambodians specialities.


  • Friendliness and knowledge of the staff
  • Stunning decor and vibe
  • Fruit trees of all kinds (mango, jackfruit, cashew)… it’s impossible to settle for one thing !


Not a downside per say, but we found frogs several times in the toilet bowl. Definitely a shock in the middle of the night but also a funny story to tell later on.


  • Couples
  • Honey moons
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Families


  1. I will definitely like to have breakfast like that.

  2. Oh, my goodness! Can I come with you next time? Haha. But seriously, that looks like just the thing I need! I want to go to beautiful, fun places!

  3. This looks like a perfect place for knewly weds who are looking to go for their honeymoon, it kind of give that little spice everyone seeks in a romantic outing. I like the meal served on the pool, it looks cool and pretty.

  4. Templation Hotel looks like a good temptation to chose as a place to stay in Siem Reap! Thank you for your review.

  5. Shanab Shanab

    It sounds like a dream. Love the design of the bathtub very chic and also that they are providing low energy solutions.

  6. Luna S Luna S

    This looks enchanting, I’d love to spend a week here.

  7. Wow!! This place really looks amazing! I could definitely see staying here awhile!

  8. This looks like paradise. I totally need a vacation and this place is calling to me!

  9. This place looks amazing. I like the pool. I would love to visit there.

  10. Gorgeous pictures. looks like a beautiful place.

  11. Angela Hoyos Angela Hoyos

    OMG this is spectacular. I notice that the far east has a very minimalist and aesthetically pleasing design theme in their hotels and resorts. I would love to visit this place.

  12. Woow. The way you’ve written this article is so amazing. Well described and all them are so easy to understand. Thanx for sharing…

  13. OMG the last sentence cracks me up! And I am terrible person because I had no idea where Cambodia was until I googled it… and that pool is beyond stunning!

  14. Blair Villanueva Blair Villanueva

    Its manic Monday for me and I’m jealous with your vacation! OMG I want its already weekend and plan to visit this place.

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